Whether your goal is to grow your hair long or want a sharp and well-groomed look, regular hair cuts are so important. Dealing with a pandemic has forced people to shelter in place since March. Which has forced a lot of us to change up our hair care routine. Some have been forced to try and cut our own hair, let our split ends take over or just cut off our hair completely! Now that some salons have been re-opening and the resources that we need are back, it’s time to get your hair back into shape and realize what those trims every two to three months really do for your hair’s overall health.


Benefits of regular haircuts

Before we get started it’s important to keep your hair clean, nutritional and full of natural oils. Use a high quality shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to use paraben free products so they won’t dry you hair out and you can maintain that fresh barbershop look! Ask your hair stylist for any hair car advice, they are the experts and deal with different shapes, styles and textures every day.


Hairstyle & Shape

Some hairstyles can quickly lose their shape if not properly kept up. One accessory you can’t really change is your hair, if it doesn’t suit your face shape then you probably won’t feel as confident as you should. One awesome perk about regular trips will allow for better, easier styling. We all know that feeling of not having the healthiest hair that won’t style the way you want it! Healthy hair is just easier to manage and that time you spend styling your hair can be cut in half when you maintain the health of your hair.




Damage Control

Over time, your hair will get damaged. Life happens to the best of us and there’s not much you can do about it. Damaged hair leads to split ends Which will make your hair dull, flat and dry(and are basically unavoidable). If you feel like your hair is starting to look frizzy or damaged you can help overcome that by using the right heat protecting products, hair treatments and again, regular hair cuts!

Fuller/Thicker Hair

One of the best benefits of regular trims is it gives you that illusion of your hair looking thicker than it actually is. Unless you are one of those blessed girls who already have very thick hair, there are options for you to maintain that thickness. Removing those damaged areas will reduce split ends and will actually help your hair grow faster and stronger. Thick or thin hair, healthy hair is the goal. 

Healthy hair starts with you and you need to make it a habit to regularly go for hair trims and cuts so as to get the most healthy and voluminous hair. Make sure you keep up with your hair care routine thats best for you and get those regular trims that your hair deserves. If you’ve missed your most recent visit, call and schedule an appointment with your hairstylist today!