Whether you’re looking for a bold new color or a specific vision in mind. You need to find a stylist that you can trust and has the skill. Your hair is a huge part of your overall identity and finding a new hair stylist you can trust is a little nerve racking. Once you find that perfect person you will see the rewards of consistently visiting the same stylist. Here are some tips when deciding who to trust to style your hair.


Get A Recommendation


Most hair stylists gain their clients through word of mouth. So what better way to find your next stylist by asking a friend or a coworker with a great haircut! This way you are looking at the stylist work first hand and getting a review about them as well. This avoids taking a risk with someone you have never heard about.


Know Your Current Style


Maybe you have moved and you need to find someone to take over your style. If you have had a good relationship with your stylist in the past you may want to ask them for some pointers and direction of what they have been doing with your hair. That’s a great benefit of going to the same stylist consistently. They know your hair and they know what it needs. So perhaps before departing with your old stylist have them right down their execution of your style or any formulas of color that you may need. This will help your new stylist perfect your needs!


Not a time to experiment


Its important to build up trust with your new stylist. Treat it like a new relationship. Now is not the time to lose 8 inches of hair or change to a crazy color! You need to work with them build up trust and get into the groove. Start with a trim and a simple color and if you are happy with the results, you’ll feel more confident in letting them give you that platinum blonde look you’ve been wanting.


Book an appointment


For your first time, always make sure to book an appointment. This ensures that the salon prepares to give you the time you need to feel confident and comfortable with them. Instead of feeling rushed with a walk in. If you are in the SW Portland area Near Lake Oswego, come and see us at Superb Hair and More. We have so many happy customers and we would love to be your stylist.