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Although the way a person wears their hair is an important social consideration to many, a woman’s hairstyle can be more telling about her personality than she might suppose. Unlike a man, how she wears her hair says a lot about her person. There are a myriad of decisions to consider.

Likes and Wants

People base their hairstyle preferences on facial or other physical features. Some women may be more trendy and “follow the crowd” with current styles while still others prefer “tried and true” styles of the past. For some women it is all about color and what style complements their skin tone and features; if it is attractive, cute, fashionable, easy to care for, does it cover the gray … and on and on. Just as is often the case with other considerations about ones’ physical appearance your hairstyle choices are most likely different from everyone else.

Choices to Consider

Because there are so many different variables in considering how a hairdo will turn out, selecting the right hairstyle for any particular occasion can be no easy task. The kinds of hairstyles one uses will depend upon what they are doing or going to be doing in the near future. Here are a few basic ideas to consider that are foundational to this most important decision: Hair color preferences, your “dream hairstyle”, how it affects a relationship with someone else and the outfits you wear. Other things to consider are do you often need to do a “quick fix”, your normal daily look, the regular haircut and care routine, your biggest perpetual hair problem and what hairstyle is appropriate to wear at a special event or occasion. Also worth considering are how well your hairstyle complements other attributes such as piercings and earrings, tattoos, what hair products you use and if you rely on suggestions or tips from other people as to what your hairstyle color should be. To find out about your “hidden personality” based upon your hairstyle preferences you can take a hair personality test to see what you might be telling others about yourself.

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