Winter has arrived! Extreme temperatures can be really harsh on your skin and hair. Although Summer has its moments with hair maintenance, but nothing compares to winters brisk winds and dry weather. You may be making these few simple mistakes which are causing brittle, breaking ends. The sun can still damage your hair while you’re enjoying a day on the slopes and the air is naturally cooler and more dry which really takes a toll on your luscious locks! Here are some tips on how to have health hair all season long.

1.Hair Loss

You may experience hair loss in the winter because of the dry air. This can be avoided by following a proper diet, take your vitamins and stay hydrated. This will not only help your hair but your immune system as well. It’s common for people to get sick once the cold front hits and this will help you stay healthy and sick free all season. On top of eating your fruits and vegetables, be sure to find a good hair serum to help keep your hair extra hydrated.

2. Use the RIGHT shampoo

You may have been told that shampooing your hair everyday is not good because it causes dry scalp and dandruff. But did you ever consider over washing was bad because of the quality of your shampoo and conditioner? Even if you wanted to wash your hair every day, the quality of your products should moisturize and nourish your hair, not dry it out. Talk to your stylist about upgrading to better products! They may be a bit more expensive but they normally last twice as long and you won’t be dealing with weak, brittle hair that you can’t grow past your shoulders or that is so frizzy you can’t even style.

3. Stay Hydrated


Besides drinking water, find products that help hydrate your hair. The reason they say to not wash your hair everyday is because your hair needs its natural oils to be healthy. Bad quality products strips your hair of these oils. But even if you don’t wash your hair for the entire week, those oils are just on your scalp, and the rest of your hair is staying dry and not getting moisturized. Find a product that will help keep the ends of your hair hydrated if you don’t want to wash your hair every day.

Health Is The Key!

You can have all the top, best quality products on the market, but if your health is not  up to par, your hair won’t be either. It all starts within. We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat”. If you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs every day, it’s going to show. On your skin, nails, hair and your mood! There’s numerous benefits that being healthy will add to your life, and in the tough times we have been going through, you owe it to yourself and everyone else around you. Take care of yourself!


Get expert tips from your stylist

If you are at a loss for what  products to use for your hair, talk to your stylist. They have all the answer’s and all the resources you are looking for. Buying from Amazon or other 3rd party sellers may be watered down or even expired. If you are around the Portland, Oregon area and need some one you can trust on products and advice, come into Superb Hair and More. We would love to get you all set up on your winter hair care routine!