We have all had that urge to cut our own hair. Especially when we have let it grow way passed due- we’ve all been there. Whether you want to just trim up the ends or go with a full on bob, it’s probably not the best idea to cut your own hair. If you find yourself thinking it can’t be that hard and need convincing to put the scissors down. Here are some reasons why you should not cut your own hair. 


Results May Vary

We have all seen the influencer cutting the perfect curtain bangs or taking 10 inches off and it looks amazing! If you have a specific hair style in mind, especially the more drastic cuts, we highly recommend letting a professional take care of it. There is no guarantee that what you learned on YouTube will turn out as planned. You will more than likely be having to fix a disaster that could have easily been avoided by just going to a professional.

You Can’t Reach The Back

If you think that pulling your hair to the front of your shoulder is a good idea, think again. This results in an uneven cut. And not in a cute way. Cutting hair takes some particular training and skills. Cutting your hair in the wrong angle can result in a hair disaster and will force you to make an appointment anyway. Save yourself and your hair and just call your local hair stylist. 


Wrong technique and Equipment 

Stylists spend thousands of dollars to get the best scissors, treatment and knowledge to give you that professionally looking cut. Using dull scissors can result in split ends and your stylist will know the proper treatments to use on your hair type. You can seriously mess up your hair if you cut too much off, the wrong direction, or even fry your hair if you are experimenting with color. Not to mention that they shape your hair to your face shape and most people don’t even know the shape of their own face. Might as well have a professional do it the right way so you are not going in for a cute new bob from a disaster attempt to do it yourself. 


Book an appointment

Now put your scissors down, go do a hair mask and book an appointment with your favorite stylist. If you are unsure who to go to.. ask your friends and family. Or check out your local salon and read the reviews. Word of mouth can really go a long way. If you are in the and  you are in the something SW Portland area give us a call and we can give you any style you have in mind.