Although most salons have reopened, covid has still taken a toll on how we live our lives. This may be an opportunity for you to try up a new hairstyle for this upcoming season. Something low maintenance that will last you months before you need to get another trim. Luckily, this falls trends are low maintenance looks, cuts that continue to look great as they grow out and that are easy to style or look their best when air dried. 

 You want to keep in consideration the type of hair you have. Choose a cut that works with your hair texture, not against it! Also keep in mind what your hair care routine is and don’t get a cut that will change up more of your daily routine than Covid has. 

Here are some fall trends that hair stylists and celebrities have suggested for this upcoming season!


Pixie and Buzz Cuts


This style is definitely trending right now! Its a bold move, give you that high end edgy look and may help you feel like you are starting fresh. One plus about his cut is it’s easy to do yourself. What’s more effortless than cutting off all of your hair?  There’s not much to it, but here’s a few tips on how buzz your hair the right way. Some like to leave a little hair on top to create texture for that super confident pixie cut. Plus, you get to start fresh with healthy, clean, non damaged hair! 

One Length


This cuts defining factor is leveling out each layer, which results in easy styling for all hair textures across the board. Not to mention that the styles are virtually endless! Wear your hair down naturally or pull it in to a high pony or bun. This style also makes for very easy trims as your stylists only has one length to worry about it. 


Shoulder Length Bobs


Bobs continue to remain the hottest hairstyle of 2020. If you have been dabbling with the idea of chopping off your hair, now is the time to do it! The trick is to learn how to cater it to your hair. It gives you this super fresh, healthy look. Luckily the bob look versatile, there is a bob style for every face shape, neck length and hair texture. 


Call Your Sylist!


Call your stylist today and have them help you determine the best style for this fall. Remember, to maintain a healthy hair care routine and visit your stylist at least every other month. Visiting the same stylist usually works in your favor as it helps you maintain the style you are going for and avoids any miscommunications cause they are regularly seeing you. Here at Superb Hair and More we are able to fit you with the perfect style that compliments your face, neck length and hair texture as well as a style that will compliment your hair routine. Give us a call!