A bad hair day is no fun at all. You know, when nothing you do can keep a pesky hairdo in place. Of course, these things never occur at a good time. It seems that at the worst possible moments the inevitable “bad hair day” occurs. Well, there is hope for you and we’d like to share some secrets on how to make a bad hair day into a great hair day. It all starts, however, with a little diligent preparation on your part. By following our suggestions you’ll see what we mean so read on.

Causes of the Bad Hair Day

Knowing what causes a bad hair day can actually save you from having them. Here are three of the more common reasons that, right “out-of-the-blue”, your hair simply refuses to cooperate and how to resolve them into a great hair day:

  1. Chemical build up within the hair due to product overuse
  2. Hormones triggering increased oil production cause hair to be unmanageable and look lifeless and limp
  3. Poor environmental extremes, such as high humidity or dry air, causes hair texture changes

There are other reasons for uncooperative hair, most of which are the result of improper care or neglect. But with proper care these issues too can be prevented resulting in having a great hair day, on a regular basis.

Preventing The Bad Hair Day

getting a haircutChoosing the right shampoo and using it more frequently will generally help to lessen these problems. First of all, most all hair products contain various chemicals that tend to build up over time within the structure of the hair. These chemicals are a major cause for uncooperative hair. The best way to deal with this problem is to look for a shampoo that is specifically formulated to remove hair-damaging chemicals. These shampoos need to be used sparingly (not more than twice a week) as they are too harsh for daily use. If you need to shampoo more often, use you regular shampoo for the in-between periods. And while there is not much a person can do about excess hormone production, shampooing your hair more often during these periods of higher estrogen will generally take care of many problems. If you are accustomed to shampooing four times per week, try five or six and see what works best for your hair. Finally, if you are in a high humidity environment hair may absorb extra moisture from the air, causing curly hair to go limp or flat hair to go frizzy. Of course, the opposite is true when the air environment is dry, thereby creating excess static in the hair and thus creating all kinds of unmanageable havoc.

Being aware of the environment your hair is in and using appropriate hair care products during certain periods will go a long way toward not having to worry about a bad hair day and your enjoying a great hair day. Superb Hair & More has hair care products that are safe and nurturing for your hair and can help you transform your bad hair days into great hair days on a permanent basis. Call us today to see how we can help.